Wednesday, June 29, 2016

First Week in the MTC

Jun 29, 2016, at 11:06 AM                                                                                                
From the MTC

First Week in the MTC

Hello everyone!

     I just had my first week in the MTC, and it's been quite the enlightening experience. Just from being with my companion I have been able to see a lot of my quirks and weaknesses. My companion is wonderful and is an amazing example to me.
     9 weeks seems like a lot to most, but personally, it isn't enough time. 9 weeks is going to fly, and I know I have a lot to learn.
My companion is teaching me how to schedule and pace myself. The highlight of the week is probably the conference talk I watched on Sunday, by Elder Bednar about Christ-like attributes.
     In my district my companion ( Sister Perkins) and I are the only sisters, and there are 6 other Elders. I don't have much time to go into detail, but we laugh and learn a lot. The elders are all very musically oriented, so they sing hymns all the time. Listening to them sing lifts my spirit.
      If you write a letter to me I will write back. It is going to take me a while to get used to emailing. Please be patient with me. Thanks :)

Thank you for your prayers, I'm thinking of you.

-Sister Freed

Also regarding everyone:

     If you have any question just ask.  When I'm typing under a time limit my thoughts get jumbled and I freeze up on what to say. If you already have some questions lined up for me. Feel free. I have an iPad so I can read all the emails you send. I just can't respond until Wednesday though. Using email is really new for me.

Friday, June 24, 2016

First Day in the MTC

June 22, 2016 at 8:16:57 PM                                                                                            
From the MTC

First Day in the MTC

Hi guys, 
     All is well on my end. I've been super blessed with an amazing companion. She's wonderful, and I know that if I'm willing, I'll learn so much from her. Please pray for her as well, her name is Sister Perkins.  
     I only have 5 minutes to type. But no worries. Thank you for your prayers, I appreciate it.  I hope you guys are safe. Feel free to forward this to whom ever you want. I'll e-mail you guys next Wednesday. Which is when we have our "P" Day.

With all Sincerity,
Sister Freed