Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 19th

April 19, 2017
From Hikari

Happy Easter Everyone!

Today in church is was wonderful! I learned the reason why we have Eggs at Easter time in Sacrament. I do not know the complete details, as usual, but the gist is....

There was a civilization long ago that worshiped the sun. And eggs, they believed had a little sun inside of them. Which we know to be the yoke. But they liked the symbolism of the egg yoke being a sun. And when you see an egg, and feel an egg. It is kind of like a stone/rock. So when a chick breaks out of its shell, it symbolizes Christ exiting the tomb! 

I thought it was so cool, the analogy made so much sense! Truly because of the Savior there is no death! What a miracle! For many people, they believe God to be unjust, and wonder why there is suffering in the world. 

Well the answer to that, is that God is JUST, and MERCIFUL ;) He loves us so much that He gave us His Son! Think of it, your own child! And through Christ we can live again. The pain that comes from losing a loved one, it can be healed! There is a Plan, and because of that Plan, we can see our loved ones who have passed away. In Alma 7:11-12  and 1 Corinthians 15 Christ`s Resurrection is highlighted perfectly! So why does Christ matter, it is Because of Him, that everyone can live again!

Askew Shimai is half Japanese and half American. She was valedictorian at her school, and is skilled in Japanese. She is going to be the next Sister Training Leader, and is one of the most patient people I know. She is from Georgia and did gymnastics growing up for a little bit. She keeps up with me when biking too!  She has a sibling serving in Sapporo Japan! 

She is a hard worker, and deserves all the free time she can get!

Much love to you all! Thank you for your prayers and thoughts! I am thinking of you as well!

I am honored to be a member and a missionary here in Japan!

Freed Shimai 

April 9th

April 9, 2017
From Hikari

On Saturday I slid on my bike and hit my knee straight on the concrete. Miraculously I am fine, I have some tendon pain, but no bad bruising. I am really surprised honestly, I literally fell directly on my knee. I couldn`t walk that night, and it was pretty painful. But the power of prayer is so strong, and I am already biking now.
Things are good, but slow. I am supposed to go to the hospital today. 

No worries,  I received a blessing as well. 

Unfortunately we have to drop 2 of our baptismal dates with our investigators. But that is ok, I have much faith in them for the future. For the investigator from the Philippians I told her that if she gets married in the temple, that I would fly all the way from America to be present. And I meant it. Haha.

But we did find a wonderful New Investigator, she is Chinese. She has cancer, and moved from china for treatment here in Hiroshima. She wants to learn more about Christ, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to teach her. We also have a Chinese family here in the Ward. Their names are the Son`s. Their family is really strong in the church. We have a lesson with her today. I hope that our investigator Shu san, will be able to find something she never even realized she was looking for from our message. 

Last Sunday was super special. I did not write about it because of time as normal. But last Sunday, one of our investigators. The woman from the Philippians came to church! And we had a translator for her. Her name is Yoshi Shimai, her English is native level, and she is a YW leader. Well I went Line,( our investigator), Yoshi, then me. And if Line had not come to church, I would not have had the chance to sit my Yoshi shimai. Normally missionaries do not get translators in church. Which is fine of course.

It was fast Sunday, and man was I so blessed to be by Yoshi Shimai. Without her, I would not have been able to hear Sister Son`s testimony.

Son shimai and another sister from the ward went to china. And they were able to do a lot of Family History work over there. Son shimai bore her testimony on what a blessing it was, to sing Hymns in her native language. And told us that when she went back home, she had found a book her father had kept that had all her family names in it. And she even brought it out for everyone to see. She was crying, and talked about how fortunate she was to have the opportunity to go to the temple and do her ancestors names. 

I started crying too, hahaha. It was a very spiritual moment for me. And such a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. If Line had not come, I would not have been able to sit with Yoshi shimai the translator. And I would not have been able to understand Son shimai`s talk. 

Things are quite hard right now, I am not an organized individual, and I forget things a lot of the time. But I really am trying to be better. I am trying to learn faster. The language is still a huge barrier for me. My language is actually really really really bad. It is really discouraging, I thought I could learn Japanese, to the point where I could be good enough to help other people. But I can not. 

Definitely had to humble myself, that is for sure. haha I have been and still am repenting for my pride. 

On a great note though, Hirose San is going to be baptized this Sunday, I am very excited for her. She is such a blessing, and a strong member already. 

Thank you as always for your love and prayers.

I am honored to be a member and a missionary her in Japan.

Your daughter
your little sis
Freed Shimai

April 2nd

April 2, 2017
From Hikari

Dear Everyone!
Man Hikari is so amazing, I can not stress that enough! And the members are amazing as always. They are so willing to join and make sacrifices for others. Church is not 3 hours, but 4 for pretty much all the members including the kids. There are so many meetings and people live so far away, that it doesn't make sense to go home and simply come back. They are consecrated and I am so blessed to know them.

This Sunday for us was Fast Sunday and two of our investigators came to church! It is so interesting how a simple smile, or offer to have someone sit by them, encourages one another and makes them feel welcome. One of our investigators as I said is from the Philippines and despite the language difference, I know she felt love from the members.  

My companion is also incredible. She is from Georgia, and she has such a great work ethic. We have had lessons on Preparation Day and she has been such a trooper! She is obedient and does her best in everything she does. I am grateful to God for making her my companion!

I am excited to watch conference this Saturday and Sunday! 

One of the investigators we have, a woman who referred herself, said that one of the reasons why she chose to investigate was because of the Priesthood. I know that she has found God`s authority in this church. I know Joseph Smith saw God the Father, and His Son and that Priesthood keys are on the earth today! 

Love you all,
Know that I am praying for you too!

Freed Shimai

I am honored to be a member and a missionary here in Japan

March 26th

March 26, 2017
From Hikari

Dear Everyone! 
Your prayers have been felt, and I am doing well. I love you all so much as usual and I hope you feel my prayers for each of you as well ;)

I am still in Hikari, Hiroshima and it is starting to get hot already! We just had transfers and my new companion's name is Sister Askew. She is from Georgia and has blessed my life more than I can tell you let alone type it all out! She did gymnastics up until middle school and is really smart! She was a "Valley Girl (Valedictorian)", she was musically talented, and sings like an opera singer.

Not only does she look like an angel, but she has one of the most sincere hearts I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Askew Shimai is so patient with me. Her support has allowed me to be more calm and confident in my ability to teach. Her patience means so much to me and I feel so fortunate to be her companion. If there is one word that describes her, it would have to be "hope". She brings hope to others in the form of her message about Jesus Christ and in the way she treats others.

This past Sunday we were also able to make two return appointments! We also had three baptismal dates from last transfer! One is the self referral, the second is a mother from the Philippines, and the third is with a little girl who is 8.

The Lord is Merciful, and I know He will magnify that which you try your hardest at. I know that for a fact, He is aware of all His Children. And one reason why I know this, is because He had Askew Shimai be my companion.

Go forward with faith, and please continue to be patient for the Lord`s blessings. Have a fantastic Conference!

Much love
Freed shimai

And as always, I am honored to be a member and a missionary here in Japan

Sierra went to the Mazda museum

March 20th

March 20, 2017
From Hikari

Sierra didn't really have too much to say in this weeks email. She's been really busy and had a hard time writing.

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes! Big 20! I am staying here in Hikari!
The Lord is so merciful, and I am so grateful to Him!
These are Kids Eikaiwa by the way! So much fun!
I am greatful for everyone, and that their prayers pick me up when I am down. 
Love you!

Sierra's personality is the kid in the bottom left and the kid on the bottom right hahaha.