Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 3 (I think she means week three of October) Transfer 2

October 24th
From Saijo

So there was a very small earthquake near Saijo. Very small I could barely feel it, but it was cool to hear some of the stories from other people:) We also have a new district leader in Saijo. The old district leader we had got in a basketball accident. So now he is in America getting emergencies surgery.

As something fun. One of our investigators gave us a wonderful home cooked meal of Pig ears and stomach! And by gosh, it was absolutely-positively-delicious! It was so good, that I ended up having to go to the bathroom at 1 in the morning to go to the bathroom and taste it again! But this time the other way! Haha, but in all seriousness it was very much worth it. :) The meal was less than ideal, that the company was worth it all.

As a spiritual thought :)
I was reading a talk called "Blessings of Being Unified" from April 1987. I really enjoyed this talk and it really got me thinking about Charity. Charity is the pure love of Christ, and charity is different from anything else.... Because it never fails. It always continues, and carries on. It always progresses.

And Christ loves everyone. And if we are to be one with Christ, and love the way He did. We need to be unified and love as He loves. Because it is when we are not. When we select who we care for, or when we select who we will include or exclude, that we loose the opportunity to exercise the gift of Charity.

Another thing that got me thinking was the idea of "Not having Charity". That at Judgment, if we were to complain to Christ, and to gossip about someone to Him. Or simply hold resentment and anger at someone in the presence of the Lord. How petty we would probably feel. That while looking at Christ in the face. A person who had the MOST UNFAIR life in all of human existence......

We were talking about how "X" didn't do this, or how "X" isn't very nice..... How ridiculous we would feel. How  ashamed we would be. To the point where to hold on to such feelings, we be against nature in a sense....

(And I have a scripture verse to go along with this... But I can't find it right now! Haha, if I remember for next blog (which I probably won't) I'll include it :)

Thank you for all your patience and prayers. I feel them! And much love

Here are some pics!

Left to right: Sister Johnson, Sister Sato and Sister Ford

Old district leader Johnson

 Saijo on Sunday

 Whoops sorry this one is a bit dark. This is Hiroshima university

Sister Johnson and Sister Zahang ( branch missionary! Who is the bomb!) just after a lesson!

I am honored to be a saint, and a missionary here in Saijo.

Much love
Freed Shimai

Monday, October 17, 2016

Transfer 2

October 16, 2016
From Japan

We have a new bean-chan. Her name is Ford Shimai. She is half Japanese and is a great missionary. She is  already fluent in Japanese and knows the gospel very well.

With the new year, and start of school. Also means some new members. It was quite the miracle. A sister named Zhang Shimai is a student at Hiroshima university.She is Chinese, and got baptized in Scotland. She ended up getting baptized after 1 week of meeting with the missionaries, and her testimony is very strong. She has been a member now for 3 months, and has been a huge blessing to us missionaries.

Just last Saturday we went to the Fukuoka temple with her ( the new sister Ford, and I). The temple was packed that day, and it was exciting to see so many people and youth waiting to be baptized. Even thou sister Ford and I were just watching, we were able to enjoy the spirit, and mingle with the saints here in Japan.

Ford Shimai is on the left, Andrus Shimai, and Uenami Shimai from Hikari. We had to go from Saijo to Hikari the night before by train. Then wake up at 2 in the morning to take a bus to Fukuoka from Hikari.

This is Zhang Shimai! We are at the Fukuoka temple!

I love the temple!

Much Love 
Freed Shimai

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 6

From Saijo
October 3, 2016

To everyone:
Real fast! Transfers are this week. So people are being sent off to different places in the Fukuoka mission. Lai Shimai from Taiwan is going to Ube, and Sato Shimai is going to be training a new missionary here in Saijo.

Saijo is good, and since coming here. I have/had over 50 investigators at one time or another. We have also seen a lot of miracles. Like a ton. I might be able to tell you one next time. Just bug my sister to remind me. :)

As far as Women's Conference goes. Uchtdorf's talk was wonderful. Faith does a lot, but we can not impose on another person's agency, or go against the Lord's Will. I really loved learning about that. Instead of what we think is best, it is better to align ones self with the he Lord's will. And seek for help on "Acting" on His Will. No matter what, you do, you can always rely on the Lord being right.

As a quick spiritual thought. I just wanted to bare testimony that if a person really wants to be Christlike. As described in PMG.

The best suggesting/invitation I give. is to serve people. And really mean it. If you are honest, have humility and see where you are lacking. By focusing on others, and serving them. You will grow in all attributes of Christ. After all, that is all Christ did. He served.

And by gosh. Just think if we had a God, a Heavenly Father who was selfish, and very "natural-man" like? Well it would be pretty darn horrid. A selfish, all powerful being. That didn't care about anything but Himself. Gaaaah, pretty scary.

With power comes great responsibility, and if we want to be like our Father in Heaven. We have to learn to be responsible. And we prove how responsible we are, based on what we do here on this Earth. Such power and knowledge is undeserving to those will abuse that kind of power.

Heavenly Father never gives us commands,based on this world. But for higher commandments, higher laws.

Just something to much on. And I am looking forward to watching conference. I am so jealous that you have already heard from the Apostles and the Prophet!

Much love
Freed Shimai

Thank you for your prayers as always. You are in mine.