Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3rd

July 3, 2017
From Kagoshima

Dear Mom and Sasha,

What did she [Sister Glathar] do before her mission? Where was she studying? 
Sister Glathar studied at UVU and wants to be a dental hygenist. 

We had the same companion as well. Last transfer I had Countryman Shimai and she had her in the MTC. 

She is half Japanese and a really hard worker. She wants to be poly though. Haha, she loves Moana. 

We have been seeing some awesome miracles too. When we first met Fuji Shimai she was a strong Buddhist member, but now she is praying and reading the Book of Mormon. She has progressed a ton since we started teaching her. Please pray for her, pray that she will accept our baptism offer this month or next.

A less active member also came to church yesterday! Prayers are answered! It was a huge miracle! She has not been to church for probably 4 months and yet she came yesterday! It was such a blessing.

Re-activation in the church is so important!!! 

Oh, and mom I heard that you are doing primary! I love primary! Once when I was in Hikari, they had us missionaries with the primary students. It was a blast! Of course there were the snarky ones and the obedient ones, but man is the work worth it!

I still remember my primary teacher Sister Brown. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have read the Book of Mormon when I was young!

Love you both so much,

Thanks for the prayers, and I hope you are both healthy.
I am honored to be a member and a missionary here in Japan

Freed Shimai

June 25th

June 25, 3017
From Kagoshima

Dear mom dad and Sasha,
Things are going awesome with Glathar Shimai and I!

Dear President Egan,
Sister Glathar is a huge blessing, and she is working so hard on her Lesson Mastery. She is a hard worker and helps me so much. I love her so much and I know she will be an incredible missionary.

Kawabata choro and Shimamura Shimai!

So much fun. We also have a really special investigator named K! We met her streeting during the last transfer. And last week she told us she wants to learn about Jesus Christ. She sees that Christians are so happy and she wants to know why! I am so excited for her during this transfer!

Thank you for all your prayers! I fell off my bike again, but only mildly sprained my two fingers. They are already healing really fast!

Love you all!
I am honored to be a member and a missionary here in Japan

Freed Shimai

Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19th

June 19, 2017
From Kagoshima

Hello everyone! Long time, no see!

This transfer I am still going to be in Kagoshima and my companion is Sister Glathar! She is half Japanese, half American and is from Lehi, Utah. She is one of the most charitable people I have ever met and has helped me feel so much of God`s love and mercy. I can't wait to see what this transfer holds.

We also have two new elders. One is named Elder Chestnut, he is from America. And Elder Kawabata from the same group I came to Japan with. This district is so fun and really feels like a family. Elder Kimura and Woolston are staying in Kagoshima! 

Next week for a meeting we are going to the Kumamoto Zone! Just for a day, but it will be fun. 

Thanks for all the prayers!

The members here are incredible!
I am honored to be a member and missionary here in Japan

June 13th

June 13, 2017
From Kagoshima

Our district. Left to right
Zone leader: Woolsten, Johnson Choro, me, Countryman Shimai,Elder
Kimura, Zone/District Leader York, and an investigator! We are
actually with him right now!

Elder Woolsten is from Utah, Johnson is from Las Vegas! He is going to Ishigaki for this transfer. He was also converted because of his boss at work! Countryman Shimai is my genius companion! Kimura Chourou is from Hawaii and speaks fluent Japanese. York Choro is ending his mission after this transfer. And the elders' investigator is awesome, he played in a ward talent show and was awesome at the violin!

Our district and some other missionaries from Taniyama 
Water ballon volleyball! So fun!

Sports night!

Thanks for your patience. I will be staying in Kagoshima for this transfer and I am going to be with a sister named Glather Shimai! We have a lot of potential investigators and this transfer is going to hold so many miracles!

I know and testify that when we are humble, and recognize the Lord's hand. We will see tons of miracles! The Lord is at the head of this work! And God never fails. So let us be on his side! 

Love you
Freed Shimai

Friday, May 12, 2017

May 8th

May 8, 2017
From Kagoshima

Dear Mom dad and Sasha,

As you know I am in Kagoshima now. And the volcano really is beautiful. The branch members here are like none other. It is full of old people, Nana, they are very gracious and do all they can to serve. It is kind of unusual, but it Kagoshima has a very different scent. Every city I have been to is different, it smells like ash here of course, and I love it.

On my first day here, we were able to make a baptismal date for a woman from the Philippines for June 4th. And then the next day we were able to make one for her ten year old son too. It was such a miracle! Kagoshima would be really fun to visit.

I have only fallen once off my bike and three times since last week! Woo hoooo!

I had break training this transfer. So I am finishing up the training for Countryman Shimai, as well as getting her ready for being a senior companion. She is from Hawaii and really smart, as in Danny smart, she almost has her Bachelors! And she is only 19! She is great and and we have had a lot of fun together as of late.

May 1st

May 1, 2017
From Kagoshima

Hello Sisters and Elders,

First of all, I just wanted to tell you all that Sister Egan and I love you. You are all amazing!! Thanks so much for all of your hard work and effort. Thank you for striving to be strictly obedient missionaries. We are seeing many miracles everyday in the mission. This past week we were able to find over 100 new investigators. We are so happy and thrilled for you. We are so thankful for all the success you are seeing and give all the credit to the Savior. 

Mothers day calls will be coming up in two weeks. I wanted to clarify a few questions that many of you have had in letters to me concerning your calling home.

In the missionary handbook on page 37, it states "that all calls home on Christmas or Mothers day should be kept short, no longer than 30-40 minutes". Please let your family know that we want their help in being strictly obedient and that you will need to be saying goodbye to them between the 30-40 minutes time frame. Please take no longer than 40 minutes. For those missionaries that whose parents are not living together, you may take up to 30 minutes for each call. 

We would like you to call home on your regular p-day Monday May 15 which will be Mothers day in most countries. In Japan, Mothers day is on Sunday May 14th so all of you Japanese Elders and Sisters may call your parents on that day. 

Please keep your calls centered on the work. Share with them the spiritual experiences your are having. Be upbeat and positive. We love you so much.

Kaicho and Shimai

This was from my mission president. Right now, I do not have time to write because I am going to Fukuoka in 4 hours and I still need to pack and say good bye to investigators and such. I love you very much. You might be getting my email tomorrow or next week as an update. I will be going to Kagoshima Kagoshima! And I am going to be partially training a new missionary named sister Countryman. I am very excited and blessed. Lots of love

I am honored to be a missionary and a member here in Japan.

Freed Shimai

April 23rd

April 23, 2017
From Hiroshima

Hello everyone! 

This is Misa Hirose! She got baptized on the 23 of this month! She is such a miracle! I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to teach her from the beginning to baptism! She referred herself; and I cannot wait till she goes to the temple. I cried during the meeting, I was bursting with joy!!! I love Hirose Shimai so much!

Ricardo choro also baptized her!

Love you all!
Thank you for your prayers!
I am honored to be a member and a missionary here in Japan!

Love your daughter, and sister!
Freed Shimai!