Saturday, September 23, 2017

September 17th

Sept 17, 2017
From Yamaguchi

Dear Everyone,
This past week I have traveled to Fukuoka for a meeting! Here is the picture! I was also able to see my old companion from the MTC! Perkins Shimai!

This photo was taken at the Fukuoka honbu!

From there we had Zone Conference in Hiroshima Hikari! And the Zone Leaders hi-jacked my IPad! These are them!

Here is a picture of the elders in my district too!

This is Elder Swapp and Elder Rodriguez.

Elder Nakaya and Elder Namoa.

Things have been pretty low key since I have been sick lately but this week we are going to hit the ground running! 

Much love always! And we are all safe no worries! Thank you always for your prayers! I know the church is true! It is such an honor to be a member and a missionary here in Japan!

Freed Shimai

September 10th

Sept 10, 2017
From Yamaguchi

Dear everyone, I am in Iwakuni now in Yamaguchi!

Yesterday was really funny because all of church was in English! The spirit was awesome! One of the members spoke about how his father started a gas station that didn't open on Sundays and didn't sell alcohol or tobacco. He had a family of over 7 and they lived in a rural part of Idaho at the time. Eventually the station closed, and his father was down 250,000 dollars. His father didn't understand why (when he was keeping the commandments) that things ended up so badly. Nothing good came out of the situation.

But then the member spoke to us and told us that despite how the business failed and his Father thought everything was for nothing. That seeing his father's example, and sacrifice for the Lord never left his mind. And that seeing his dad's example helped him want to go on a mission, and grow a strong testimony of the Lord.

I loved the story, and I have seen my parents example in my life as well. Of their strength and testimony. I will always be grateful for their example.

My companion is Sister Wharton, and she is a little older than me. She is 26, and has a huge testimony of the Atonement. She works so hard, and she reminds me a lot of Sister Glathar and my Trainer Sister Johnson. I am overjoyed to be her companion and I can't wait to see the miracles for this transfer.

Also, please in any e-mails do not mention how much time I have left on my mission. I want to push until the very end. 

In my District we have Elder Nukaya, Namoa, and Sisters Oliveraz and Williams.

I might send pictures next week. Other than that thank you for all your love and prayers. Next week I might be able to send some pictures on the base as well. Much love always.

Me with Kouyama Akemi! She is a spectacular member. We visited her a lot while she was in the hospital for her foot! By now she is pretty much fully recovered! We love her so much. Her testimony of the Book of Mormon is growing so much!

The woman in the brown is a wonderful investigator. The last day while I was in Kagoshima we made a Baptizmal date with her. And the woman in the Blue is Sister Sano, she served a mission here in Japan and is a golden member. 

This is me with sister Mikawa! Mom I hope you like the picture. She was in need of the temple picture more than me, she is a widow and has such a wonderful heart. I always love seeing her smile!

Getting ready for the bus to Yamaguchi from Kagoshima. Sister Packer is on the left. She and elder Packer are the couple missionaries in Kagoshima. They are so loving and have helped the missionaries so much! Next is me, then Sister Wihongi! She is from Australia and just finished her mission! Then it is Sister Glathar and my old companion sister Askew!

Next is Wharton Shimai! More on her soon!

I am always honored to be a member and a missionary here in Japan.
Sister Freed

August 20th

August 20, 2017
From Kagoshima

Please tell the ward members that i am doing well. That I can feel their prayers, and I am so grateful for them. If they want, I suggest them to read The Virtue of Kindness April 2005, and If Though Endure it Well Oct 1984.

As far as investigators, do not worry about Fuji, it is ok. We have not been in contact with her for almost a month. Heavenly Father has been very merciful though, and we have what seems like a Golden investigator. She is from Nepal and 20. Originally we were going to just teach English, but when we brought up Jesus Christ,
she lit up and told us she wanted to learn more. We have much faith in her for the future.

Daniel, our youngest investigator, his mother gave him permission to be baptized! He just needs to come to church two more times. Other than that he just has a little bit more of Lesson 4 and all of 5. Other than that he is ready to be baptized.

Sorry I wish I could tell the ward more but I am out of time!

Love you all. Thanks for everything!

Your daughter
Little sister
Freed Shimai