Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30th

January 30, 2017
From Hikari

Dear family and friends! 
Thank you so much for the past letters and prayers. They help missionaries more than you know!

This past week Shohei was baptized! He is an investigator of Elder Parry and Burgener. During the meeting he bore his testimony, and the Spirit was so strong! It wasn't long, but short and simple. All I could do was smile and enjoy the testifying power of the Spirit.
Brother Shohei is the boy in the middle. He's the one next to the Elder in the red tie :) 

We were also able to meet with R and M. They are incredible, and have such exemplary faith in the Book of Mormon and prayer. Their baptismal dates are in March!

Thank you for your patience, Hikari is wonderful and the ward is incredible!
The Lord works might miracles, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to have front row seats to them!

Shout out to Ronda! Thank you for the update and letter! It brightened up my day :)

Much love to you all!
As always, I'm honored to be a member and a missionary here in Japan!

Freed Shimai

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 22nd

January 22, 2017
From Hikari

As you can see Hikari is really big, but it's lots of fun! We have been able to see some wonderful miracles this week! We have been able to make 2 baptismal dates with a girl named R and M! They are first years in High school and already have a huge desire to enter the temple!

I just wanted to talk about the importance of sacrament as well! Oh my gosh I love taking the sacrament! It allows us to make a new start every single week! To improve! And while yes we do make the same mistakes, at least we try! Trying is the most important part to enduring, and enduring with meaning. While we may feel like we aren't making progress, we are! We just can't see it right in the moment. A talk that goes with this is from April 2015 "Latter-day Saints Keep on Trying"! The part at the end is really funny too :)

Coming to the church is also so important for people investigating the church. And I can't stress enough on how important it is for members to befriend people investigating the church! It's a whole new world to them!

Here are some pics of the district too along with me and my make shift Kotatsu!

Back Left to right:
Elder Chadwick, Elder Hill, Elder Mathews, ZL Burgened, me. Milking ChanAya chan, Son Kyodai,Kamekawa fufu
Front Left to right:
Lofthouse Shimai, Nakamura Shimai, Terada Shimai, Son Shimai 

I'm so honored to be a member and a missionary here in Japan! We have seen so many miracles, and I know it is because the missionaries here have been obedient, and we have received so many prayers! Thank you so much! 
Much Love!
Freed Shimai

January 15th

January 15, 2017
From Hikari

Dear family. 
Everything is good! We have seen a lot of miracles as a district. And it's definitely from being obedient to the T. Investigators are well too! Sorry I don't really have much enthusiasm to write today :( but things are going well! District is good too!
Thank you for your guys updates.

Love you guys so much. Thank you for your prayers, I feel them!

I'm honored to be a member and a missionary here in Japan

Freed Shimai

January 8th

January 8th
From Hikari

I love the scriptures, and for this transfer it feels like it's focused on "addiction". The people we are teaching have smoking and alcohol issues. So I'm reading the addiction recovery pamphlet. It's really interesting and has great scripture references. It's so interesting to see how the adversary steals people's agency.

I'm honored to be a saint and a missionary here in Japan!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

From Hiroshima

I don't have anything for my blog. Today is full day P day though. So we will be going to the A Bomb museum and Miyajima. It should be fun.

Much love, I'm honored to be a saint and a missionary here in Japan!
Much love, hugs and kisses :)

Freed shimai