Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3rd

July 3, 2017
From Kagoshima

Dear Mom and Sasha,

What did she [Sister Glathar] do before her mission? Where was she studying? 
Sister Glathar studied at UVU and wants to be a dental hygenist. 

We had the same companion as well. Last transfer I had Countryman Shimai and she had her in the MTC. 

She is half Japanese and a really hard worker. She wants to be poly though. Haha, she loves Moana. 

We have been seeing some awesome miracles too. When we first met Fuji Shimai she was a strong Buddhist member, but now she is praying and reading the Book of Mormon. She has progressed a ton since we started teaching her. Please pray for her, pray that she will accept our baptism offer this month or next.

A less active member also came to church yesterday! Prayers are answered! It was a huge miracle! She has not been to church for probably 4 months and yet she came yesterday! It was such a blessing.

Re-activation in the church is so important!!! 

Oh, and mom I heard that you are doing primary! I love primary! Once when I was in Hikari, they had us missionaries with the primary students. It was a blast! Of course there were the snarky ones and the obedient ones, but man is the work worth it!

I still remember my primary teacher Sister Brown. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have read the Book of Mormon when I was young!

Love you both so much,

Thanks for the prayers, and I hope you are both healthy.
I am honored to be a member and a missionary here in Japan

Freed Shimai

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